Aug, 12

Why Go Natural? The Benefits of Using Organic Skincare

Would you believe, oils in their purest form are healing for every skin woe — dehydration, irritation, sensitivity, aging, even OILY! What we feed our skin matters. Parabens, phthalates, bisphenol A, nitrosamines, cyclosiloxanes, glycol ethers… a.k.a. chemicals are known carcinogens and are not suitable for the skin, not to mention overall good health.Synthetics are widely used in the cosmetics industry because they are the cheapest to manufacture and to that end, are lowest on the quality spectrum. We can hardly pronounce the above ingredients, so why would we ever in good conscience slather them onto our precious skin? Thankfully there are delicious alternatives.
Organic Skincare BenefitsBetter for you – Nature intended us to have radiant, healthy skin. There are people bothered by more skin irritations than ever before and on the shelf are hundreds of potions with ingredient lists crowding the box promising to keep us looking young. But, nature knows how, simply, without the perils of toxins and cheap, high-tech chemicals. Plants have oils for each skin issue people use chemicals to heal. If our skin is akin to a sponge and our largest organ, taking care of it means staying away from potentially harmful chemically laden ingredients. The skin absorbs whatever it comes into contact with so by using naturally based products you’ll avoid putting harmful ingredients ON and IN your body.
Pure – Organic products like Olie Biologique use ingredients in their purest form, are naturally based and contain no harmful additives. Most organic products will include either plant based or mineral actives or a combination of these. Formulated and produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides, organic products contain nutrients that our bodies require anyway.

Eco-friendly – Truly natural personal care products exist in nature and are biodegradable. Many product lines are going above and beyond when it comes to protecting your skin and the earth. At Olìe Biologique, we manufacture our line using renewable wind energy to reduce our carbon footprint and all oils are harvested without taking advantage of the earth. The glass bottles are also recyclable.More effective – From crow’s feet and laugh lines to eczema and rosacea… No matter your skin issue, pure organic oils afford impressive results when you allow the skin to get back to itself. By using natural plant based formulations that are rich in vital skin nutrients and antioxidants, you can help nourish the skin and help it repair itself. Rather than over-drying or stripping away the skin’s natural balance with chemicals and synthetics, organic skin care products work in harmony with the skin. Take 004 Huile Moderne for example, which will undo UV damage, balance skin oil production and get those blemishes under control. Or 100% USDA Certified Organic Argan, THE perfect anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial savior to heal and purify problem skin. Thirsty, dry drab skin types can turn to 005 Huile Radicale for intense hydration help resulting in natural radiance.

Why does organic skincare work better? Because the ingredients are better. So the next time you are in the market for great skin, look to natural organic products. The ingredient list should be simple to understand with words that are easily recognizable to you. If you find a list of chemicals and words you can’t pronounce, just know there is a better product that translates to better skin (and overall) health.