Jun, 13

Summer Skin Care Tips: A Season and Reason For Change

Continuing with our Summer Skin Care tips, let’s remember that change can be a good thing. Well, except for when we suddenly become overly critical of ourselves. So with the dreaded pulling out and pulling up of swimwear circling our calendar – we can hear all the “oohs” and “aahs”, both good and bad, that […]

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Jun, 13

Summer Skin Care Tips: Olie’s Summer Suntan and Soiree Tips

Do find yourself running a fine balance during summer months between protecting against the elements while achieving a healthy glow? We can totally relate. We’re here with a few summertime beauty tips to help you stress less when you’re on the go: 1) Shaving your legs before heading out to the beach? Rub our 004 […]

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