Jun, 13

Summer Skin Care Tips: Olie’s Summer Suntan and Soiree Tips

Do find yourself running a fine balance during summer months between protecting against the elements while achieving a healthy glow? We can totally relate. We’re here with a few summertime beauty tips to help you stress less when you’re on the go:


1) Shaving your legs before heading out to the beach? Rub our 004 Huile Moderne oil blend into the skin to soothe razor burn. Wait a few minutes for the oil to fully absorb, then apply your sunscreen. Always remember the SPF after your skincare applications.

2) Keep our 100% organic Argan Oil handy to tame wild beach hair – and don’t be afraid to slather it on more generously for an in-sun deep conditioning treatment minus the expensive salon bill. Bonus beauty tip: Keep cuticles healthy in between manicures and pedicures by massaging them with argan oil.

3) Mix your crème or liquid bronzer with a few drops of our 005 Huile Radicale to give your face an evening safe sun glow.

Do you have a tip to share that includes using skincare oils? Let us know in the comments!