Jun, 13

Summer Skin Care Tips: A Season and Reason For Change

vintage image

Continuing with our Summer Skin Care tips, let’s remember that change can be a good thing. Well, except for when we suddenly become overly critical of ourselves. So with the dreaded pulling out and pulling up of swimwear circling our calendar – we can hear all the “oohs” and “aahs”, both good and bad, that seem to come with this beach side wardrobe. Don’t let dimples and bulges start to clutter your mind. Just de-clutter your psyche by turning to Olie’s latest summer “must-have”, our NEW 23K Gold Argan Oil for skin, hair and body. Why not channel the glamour of Grace and Cary and wrap your skin in the radiant glow of REAL 23K gold for a soothing, conditioning treatment. Then, take off for exotic ports of wind, sun and surf.

What’s that? You didn’t have time to fake-bake? Well, our real gold and magic oil will work wonders as a quick glowing fix.

So avoid any drastic trends of the moment this summer and turn to nature’s most precious beauitfying gifts. Here’s a summer skin care tip: Gold has been used by women of all ages throughout history to rejuvenate and embellish skin and hair. Gold’s miraculous properties have been know to help skin’s elasticity and firmness, as well as have soothing and anti-bacterial properties. Gold is also associated with stimulating blood circulation (great for the scalp) and for reducing sunspots. Combine that with 100% organic argan oil…  voila,  a change is coming! And who knows, maybe even a date or two.