Oct, 13

Olìe at the Hearst Castle – Preserving Beauty

Hearst Castle Neptune Pool

Built by William Randolph Hearst in the first quarter of the twentieth century, the notorious Hearst Castle is one of the country’s most beautiful destinations.  From the magnificent views of the Pacific coastline, to the spectacular grounds and the famous Neptune Pool, Hearst Castle is a true American treasure. Now a museum belonging to the state of California, the castle is home to exquisite French and Italian furniture, Renaissance tapestries, Persian carpets, Roman mosaics, carved ceilings, and several marble and stone sculptures.  Beyond its physical majesty, Hearst Castle holds a mythic place in Hollywood and political history as a favorite destination of luminaries such as Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and classic beauty Joan Crawford.

Between September 27th and September 29th, the Hearst Castle opened its doors for its annual gala benefit weekend. Hosted by Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney, the weekend was comprised of an exclusive list of 90 VIP philanthropists, business professionals, writers and entertainers from New York, California, and Texas. This years’ guest list included modern day icons like Candace Bushnell, Anthony Peck and Justine and Robert Bloomingdale. It was an unforgettable weekend spent in support of preserving the beauty of Hearst Castle. And, Olìe biologique, gifting VIPs with 100% USDA Certified Argan Oil,  was honored to be there to give back youthfulness 1 drop at a time.

The mission of the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation is to help preserve and restore the Castle’s 25,000 artifacts so that millions of visitors can continue to enjoy this unique state park as it provides financial support to the entire California State Park System. The Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation supports academic and scientific studies relating to Hearst Castle and the restoration of its art and facilities for the enjoyment of the public.

Image courtesy of David Crotty/patrickmcmullan.com