Oct, 13

Olìe Beauty 101 – Sleep Well

beauty sleep bedtime

Do you have a specific bedtime? Many of us don’t which leaves us lingering awake for several hours unnecessarily. This habit if done on the nightly has a cumulative effect which impacts both health and beauty. Poor sleep habits can be seen on the skin in the form of dark circles and puffiness. Just ask anyone who ever said, “ya snooze ya lose”.  So take our 4S approach and turn in on time:

Set – Establish a set best bedtime for yourself. Most people need about 8 hours of sleep each night. So just like you set your alarm for wake up, set an alarm to signal bedtime. You’ll grow to appreciate having an affirming shut down time.

Sip – A bedtime tea containing tulsi, chamomile or valerian can be an enjoyable nighttime ritual to help support sleep. Try it and see if you aren’t waking up feeling more rested.

Scents – Lavender and chamomile oils are both highly effective sleep aides. For a relaxing bedtime treat release several drops of 006 Huile Claire Calming Oil into a small bowl, dip all ten fingertips in and then give yourself a gentle forehead and scalp massage. The lavender chamomile blend provides is soothing sense of calm to prepare you for sleep. Plus organic marula, camellia, apricot and calendula oils will work wonders for your skin during slumber.

Sleep – Determine what works for you and just settle in. Is it a favorite pair of pjs, pitch dark room or being lulled to sleep by a fan? Whatever it is, just get to it on time.

But before you retire, enjoy a few more beauty sleep tips for your best face forward… then immediately power down all technology. Sweet dreams Olìe beauties!