Dec, 13

Olìe Beauty 101 – Face Washing Simplicity

Remember when Salma Hayek came out with her dirty little secret and told the world that she doesn’t wash her face in the morning? Well here at Olie, we can appreciate her line of thinking. We’d EVEN go so far to say, there’s some method to her madness.

face washing 101

For those in search of truly healthy skin, you too may want to step away from the sink. Or at least rethink your face washing practices. This goes for the guys too. Gentlemen, remember, you’re not washing a car, you’re dealing with skin, so go at it with kindness. A good facial hygiene routine is limited, gentle, natural and allows the skin to do its job of breathing, protecting and maintaining oil levels.

 Face Washing 101
  • Wash your face max two times per day. Once a day is ideal but this doesn’t account for when lifestyle necessitates an extra wash such as after a gym trip, day at the beach or to cut through grime.
  • For cleansing, use a gentle natural cleanser product that is sulfate free and mild. We like a gel or lotion like cleanser when we feel like we need one. Also, go easy on the exfoliators limiting the times you use them.  Light, natural exfoliants will limit the risk of tearing and scratching the skin.
  • Pat your skin dry. Do not rub it. Instead lightly pat wet skin with a soft cotton facial towel. We recommend leaving the skin a bit damp to aide moisture retention. After you wash your face in the shower or at the sink (not both), your skin will be more absorbent which makes the ideal time to apply beauty oils or other treatment serums.
  • Follow up with all-natural facial oils. With regular use, oils will regulate and restore your skin’s own production of oils. Skincare oils will greatly reduce transepidermal water loss not to mention provide nourishment and plump fine lines and wrinkles.
 Tell us, would you embrace a simplified cleansing routine in the name of healthier skin?