Jun, 14

Stylish and Sensible Father’s Day Gift Giving

We’re raising the bar on Father’s day gift giving because we just can’t bring ourselves to get him meggings (yes.. man leggings). Here’s our gift guide to bestow on the guy who appreciates something a little more interesting than Hanes.

stylish and sensible fathers day gifts

Olìe All-Natural and Organic Whisker Oil (with bonus Whisker Junior): Receive a FREE refillable 5ml Deluxe Travel Size  shave oil which is ideal for packing in his manbag, gymbag or hybrid glove compartment and FREE SHIPPING when you order Whisker Oil. Show him shaving doesn’t have to be a painstakingly difficult or foaming chemical ritual. Whisker Oil is the ultimate pre and post shave oil for a faster, smoother, moisturizing and comfortable shave. Oh, and ladies.. should you feel compelled to upgrade your lady shave naturally, by all means go for it. We dare you! Besides, touchable smooth skin goes both ways, right?

Fitbit: The flex wireless activity and sleep band tracks his every move (well sort of ) and is water resistant. He’ll appreciate the feedback from the data delivered affirming all his hard work.

Sputnik Stereo Camera (and super cool straps): You may have to look hard to find this vintage beauty but they’re out there and they are brag worthy. What grown man doesn’t want a working toy like this Russian spy camera?

Mothership Organic Craft Brewed Beer: Speaking of raising the bar, show dad you have great taste in beer with specialty USDA organic wit beer by New Belgium Brewing Co. Serve up a  cold brew and shower him with his gifts on a fine June day.

Soulcycle gear: We’re grabbing a cool summer Soulcycle Tshirt and giftcards for some favorite fit dads who we know will appreciate the extra motivation.

Kiehls Silk Groom Hair Serum: For the guy that has the kind of hair you just have to get your hands on, we like Kiehls Silk Groom to help tame bushies… but just enough. A messy look is equally handsome! And, for those guys with failing follicles… please refer to the previous gift option. Whisker Oil works wonders for the bare haired.

Harry’s Father and Son Razor Set: One real razor for Dad, one toy razor for Son and a handy ‘How to Shave’ manual. What a great way to impart healthy grooming habits. You can never start too soon with having fun and enjoying your personal care routine.

From the Olìe family to yours. Have a happy Father’s day!