Jul, 14

Hospital Bag Essentials for Mom, Baby and Dad

In anticipation of our Community Manager’s upcoming ‘labor day’ trip to the hospital happening this month, we wanted to share her hospital bag must-haves. In true Olìe form, Ina’s bag is packed full of creature comforts and focuses on all-natural self-care for the mama-to-be.

Because Ina hopes to labor naturally, to keep her going she’s relying on nutrition and beauty products that can really get her though the long haul. To keep energy up, Blueberry Blaze Trail Mix from Whole Foods will be a smart snack and coconut water will keep her hydrated. When that time comes when no food is allowed, Wint-O-Green mints will surely be a lifesaver. While not exactly the healthiest choice, sucking on these will be a little treat and help with dry mouth. Definitely tastier than ice chips! For constant dry lips during labor, Ina recommends keeping EOS petroleum free and partially organic lip balm by your side. You’ll want those first baby kisses to be the softest!

To keep hair out of the way, mantra hair bands by Mane Message on Etsy can be worn on the wrist, (who says you can’t be cute in the delivery room?) until you’re ready to pull your hair back. Plus, they are a nice reminder to breathe and stay strong. Now, depending on how long you’ll be in the hospital… washing your face and hair may not be an easy task. Thanks to One Love Organics, Healthy Locks dry shampoo saves the day and Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Wipes are refreshing between transitions when you can’t get to the washroom.

Hospital Bag Beauty Wellness Essentials

Because skin tends to get dry throughout pregnancy and especially during labor, Ina’s been keeping up with an easy and effective hydrating regimen to maintain that gorgeous pregnancy glow. First, spritz face and neck with Caudalie’s Organic Grape Water Hydrosol spray for a cooling treatment. Allow it to dry almost fully, then apply several drops of Olìe’s Huile Claire Calming Oil to the palm of your hands gently press all over the face, chin and neck to seal in the moisture.  Bonus: Huile Claire helps to keep that expanding belly smooth and supple not to mention calms mom in the process with lavender, calendula and chamomile. Finally, because photos will be inevitable, Ina will add a little W3LL People eyeliner and Kjaer Weis mascara to complete her labor day face. Then it’s go time!

Of course that’s not all she’s taking along for the big day. What about the rest? It’s in the bag! Check out this handy checklist below and pin it for yourself or share it with someone you know who’s also preparing for baby. It includes all the basics for the newborn and dad too!

Hospital Bag Checklist

Is there anything else you’d recommend Ina pack for the upcoming ‘baby’s coming’ hospital stay? Tell us!