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Time Saving Argan Oil Beauty Tips for Fall


5 Time Saving Argan Oil Beauty Tips for Fall

Fall mornings can be hectic, especially for moms. Getting the kids up, dressed, fed and out the door (often before you finish your first cup of coffee!) leaves little time for beauty rituals. Luckily, multi-tasking 100% USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil can help you keep it simple on those “no time for beauty” days.

  1. Skip a Step or Two

Use skin quenching Argan oil as your sole go-to moisturizer, or add a few drops to your regular moisturizing cream to get the best of both in a single step. Better yet, use a tinted moisturizer and skip the foundation for an easier, more natural glowy look.

  1. Care for Skin Issues

Argan oil can help treat and heal skin issues, including dry skin, psoriasis and eczema. It’s also a great natural treatment for oily skin and acne, since it helps regulate the production of sebum. Be sure to share it with any pre-teens or teenagers in your house!

  1. Detangle and Defrizz

When time is tight and you have to look polished, spend less time brushing and fussing your hair by adding a touch of detangling shine-enhancing Argan oil. It’s also perfect for smoothing away fly-aways when you only have time for a quick ponytail. If you have curls, freshen them up by scrunching them between lightly oiled fingers.

  1. Extend Your Manicure

No time for the nail salon? Keep your nails and cuticles well oiled to stretch out the life of your manicure. You’ll save time and money, plus have stronger and healthier nails to show for it.

  1. Lavish Your Lips

Dry lips are a giveaway of a rushed morning routine. Luckily, you don’t need another product on hand to keep them soft and supple. Simply massage a drop or two of Argan oil into your lips right after the shower then continue w your routine while the oil sinks in to prep your lips for color, or even add it to a liquid lip color.

Remember not all Argan oils are created equal. Olie’s Argan oil is 100% pure and organic (in fact, it’s certified organic by the USDA). It’s also cold-pressed for the highest quality. Stock up now.


Have you tried any of these time saving tricks? What’s your beauty routine when you’re tight on time? Tell us below!


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