Mar, 15

Ingredient du Jour: Rosehip Seed Oil for a youthful glow

reasons to use roship oil

When we set out to formulate our first blend 004 Huile Moderne (the modern moisturizer), we knew argan oil would play a lead role as the intensive multi-tasking hydrator but only the most skin adoring companion would do. Which seed oil would be best-suited for argan, plus stand out as a nourishing, healing, anti-aging counterpart? […]

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Mar, 15

Which Facial Oil is Right For You? We’ll Guide You

Which facial oil is best for you

  First things first … if you’re new to facial oils, you may still be wondering which oil is best for you and why you should switch from your favorite creamy moisturizer? The short answer is this: cream moisturizers, which are a combination of water, waxes and oils might make you feel DRIER as the […]

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