Mar, 15

Which Facial Oil is Right For You? We’ll Guide You

Which facial oil is best for you

There’s a facial oil for every skin type and concern.


First things first … if you’re new to facial oils, you may still be wondering which oil is best for you and why you should switch from your favorite creamy moisturizer?

The short answer is this: cream moisturizers, which are a combination of water, waxes and oils might make you feel DRIER as the water evaporates. Many also contain ingredients that can harm rather than help, such as parabens and synthetic fragrances.

While cream moisturizers may offer temporary benefits, they remain on the surface of the skin doing little to minimize lines and wrinkles or improve the health of the deeper dermis layers. While wax holds the moisture in, it can also build up leading to clogged pores. Over time, wax buildup may prevent the nourishing oils from absorbing further diminishing a cream’s benefits.

Olie facial oils, on the other hand, penetrate instantly to hydrate and nourish your skin at a deeper level. They also restore your skin’s natural barrier for long lasting hydration and protection from environmental elements.  Never fear oil newbies, you won’t look like you’ve slathered your face in cooking oil. These are “dry oils,” which means they leave behind a satiny, non-greasy finish. They also have a subtle scent that lifts the spirit that doesn’t linger or compete with other products.

So, which facial oil should you choose?

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any of Olie’s facial oils. They all hydrate deeply and offer a bounty of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that nourish your skin. That said, there are particular facial oil blends that may be better at solving a specific skin woe you’re facing. The chart below can help you find the right Olie match.

Dry Skin All of our products from organic Argan Oil to any of our curated facial oil blends are designed to penetrate instantly and deeply hydrate your skin.
Fine Lines or Wrinkles Organic Argan Oil and our facial oil blends all contain powerful antioxidants that help prevent and reverse the signs of aging.
Dull Complexion If you have dry, dull or damaged skin that’s begging for its radiant glow, 005 Rejuvenating Oil is the right choice for you. Its medley of organic rose oils will breathe life and radiance back into your skin.
Oily or Acne-prone Skin Organic Argan Oil, which you can use on its own or paired with healing Rosehip oil in 004 Hydrating Oil, helps regulate sebum production to balance your skin and prevent breakouts. 
Sensitive Skin 006 Calming Oil has soothing properties that reduce redness and calm irritations. It also shields sensitive skin from environmental elements, like pollution, making it a perfect pick for urbanites.
Dark Spots or Freckles Rosehip Oil is nature’s elixir for diminishing spots and freckles. You’ll find it paired with Argan Oil in 004 Hydrating Oil and with a combination of plumping and anti-aging oils in our 005 Rejuvenating Oil.
Redness or Rosacea If you need to reduce redness or heal rosacea, 006 Calming Oil is your answer. Organic Lavender, Chamomile and Calendula Oil are superb skin soothers.
Under Eye Circles 005 Rejuvenating Oil erases those dark circles and plumps your skin naturally making it the perfect pick me up on tired days.
Shaving Irritations All Natural Whisker Oil is a sure way to get a smooth as butter shave without nicks, bumps or ingrown hairs.

If you have any skincare or facial oil questions, please email us! We’d be happy to answer them and get you on your way to naturally radiant skin.