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Meet More Olie Mothers

Pamela, Sam and Katie

Sam_Katie Marcus

Happy Meal with Sam and Katie Marcus

As a Los Angeles surgeon’s wife and mother of 2 – – Pamela is anything but a lady-who-lunches. She’s involved with various philanthropic and non-profit organizations as well being as an all-star baker.  Her son Sam is 11 and daughter Katie is 9.

What’s the favorite thing to do with your child?

Travel the world, discover different ethnicities and explore regional cuisines.

What is morning routine?

Mornings in my home are organized chaos. I get the kids ready for school, make them breakfast (of course they each like different foods), make their different lunches and occasionally take pride in their lack of consensus. I make sure homework is in their backpacks, walk and feed our dog Max, check their daily activities and drive them to school. After all that, I rush to meditation class to make sure I can breathe the rest of the day!

What is your happiest memory?

Seeing my kids with my parents and extended family in Montreal. I want them to know they belong to something bigger than themselves. Also the first time they saw the Eiffel Tower was magical.

What is your favorite Mom Moment?

My favorite moments are family time and when my kids tell me I am the BEST mom!

You’re also an Olie fan. What is your favorite Olie product?

I think they’re all really great, not thick and heavy like creamy moisturizers. Olie is like a secret weapon to wear under or even without makeup. I love when people say, “Your skin looks so good!” I know it’s my Olie.

Deborah, Isaac & Simon


Deborah still laughs with her sons Isaac and Simon.

Deborah is an interior designer in Miami with two sons Issac who is 21 and Simon who is 19.

 Deborah, what is your favorite thing to do with your child?

Lay in my bed, hug them, watch a movie and laugh.

What is your morning routine?

My dog wakes me up early in the morning and my husband brings me a cup of coffee.

What is your happiest memory?

Now it’s every time I see my boys all grown up!

What is your favorite “Mom Moment”?

There are so many… from the moment they were born until today every moment has been engraved in my heart. We shared a good laugh on the day I brought Simon to college.  I couldn’t help myself from measuring his dorm room for removable wallpaper!


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