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Behind the Scenes of our Partnership with StylelikeU

StyleLikeU Summer Series Subjects

A few months ago, Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, the mother-daughter force behind StylelikeU, approached Olie Biologique to sponsor their summer series. Their videos would feature 4 women of various ages and diverse backgrounds remove layers of clothes on camera while being interviewed about their personal stories and relationships with their bodies. The results are radically honest, always beautiful and compelling.

Watch the StylelikeU trailer here.

This sense of transparency, authenticity, and personal expression is also the ethos behind my brand, Olie Biologique.  Our oils are about simplicity, nurturance, and treating yourself (and your skin) like you’re beautiful — not a problem to be fixed.

I thought about what sponsorship and partnership means to me as founder of Olie Biologique.

Among our values includes doing the best and biggest we can given every new challenge.

You see, I’m known for taking on projects I know very little about, but I was moved by Elisa and Lily’s vision and wanted to do something bold myself. I decided to work with each of StylelikeU’s summer series subjects to create their own limited-edition body oil (a first for Olie) that expresses their individuality.

Body Oils landing page-1

The press quickly took notice

Judging by our almost sold-out results for these personalized products, we know we had a profound impact on our audience.

What’s to Come…

As a team, Olie Biologique and StylelikeU is excited to expand the series and continue to support the movement for body acceptance.

You can join the movement by buying these limited edition body oils here, sharing your thoughts with your friends and following us on Facebook and Instagram.



Olie Biologique: https://www.facebook.com/Oliebiologique?fref=nf

StyleLikeU: https://www.facebook.com/stylelikeu?fref=ts





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