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Memories with Mundi and Moderne

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You know that feeling when someone just gets you? There’s something so heart warming and validating about being in sync that way.

As we celebrate and commemorate Huile Moderne Hydrating Oil being back for a limited time, we’re reminiscing about one of our first connections with Nav Mundi. One of a kind, Nav, a beauty blogger at the time, produced some of the most thoughtful and well-written prose about our favorite topic, beauty oils. Hence her (sadly former) blog’s name Beauty Huile. See, we were destined to connect!

In her exploration of the world of beauty oils, Nav became an endearing fan of 04 Huile Moderne. We should say the the love was reciprocal. Check out one of her reviews including some backstory of Olìe biologique by Founder Linda Thompson:

huilemoderne sketchDespite the many delights afforded to skin by the now indispensable Argan Oil, no takes more pleasure in an Argan gussied up with a variety of essentials than me. It’s still a rare thing to see, though it seems like it’d be nothing more than a little whim to handwork in a tender essential oil or two for effect. And, it’s not just for embellishing the faintly nutty scent either. When expertly chosen, complementary essentials can further refine skin and its finicky temperament. A hallmark example of such a face oil is Olie Biologique Huile Moderne.

Is creativity born or bred? Some may pause before taking in a florally laced Argan oil. Here the founder, Linda Thompson, tells us what intrigued her idea to amp up Argan with essentials, as most brands seem to stay true to Morocco’s countryside traditions of bottling Argan up without additional absolutes.

“As the former Editor in Chief of Interactive Infotainment at Cartier, my skin was left distressed from excessive travels between Paris & NYC despite expensive brand name crèmes as my companions. Speaking with Cartier’s superb craftsmen piqued my curiosity as Cartier has an understanding and reverence for showing materials in their best light in using the best ingredients available, so they shine without competing. They also go to great lengths to perfecting a piece – something might look simple (like 5 essential oils), but creating the balance is an art. Similarly, we include nothing superfluous because it smells good or for label value. The oil has to do good first and foremost. It dawned on me that American men and women would welcome a simple, effective alternative to current mesmerizing selection of crèmes.”

The French do put a sleek modernism into skin care. These elements with Linda’s fantastic interpretation of absolutes yield a very good contemporary oil. Still rustically lush, the elixir starts off with a 100% USDA certified Argan Oil, which serves as the antioxidant carrier paired in equal concentrations with Rosehip Oil, an Omega rich moisturizer proven to smooth out uneven spottiness from sun damage. What gives this Argan incarnate a chiseled finish to its minerality are rapturous glazes of Bergamot, Frankincense, and Neroli. Each brings its own gift from nature: Bergamot helps reduce excessive oil production; Frankincense works in concert with Rosehip to fade out signs of sun damage; Neroli is a potent skin rejuvenator.

Every skin problem has its healing match in a ‘synergy’ – Linda 

The striking effect of these contrasting essences makes for a beautifully balanced and clean oil for use with your existing skin care creams. Extremely medium bodied in weight (just 4-5 drops will leave a near-masque intensity of moisture), the face oil isn’t obtrusive in scent. The Bergamot softens quietly behind the delicate warmth of Frankincense. But, it’s Neroli that shines through both, imparting a spiked sweetness to the oil, which is immediately apparent when you apply it. I rather like the way it seeps into the dry skin under eyes and plumps up the crepiness straight away. Concealer never cakes with this oil underneath.

Olio Biologique takes Argan’s merits to an artfully composed level showcasing its multifaceted strengths as an aromatically complex serum for the face. Huile Moderne is a robust, silky hydrator that says “touch me” like no other.

There’s no substitute for an old friend like Nav, but we’ll always have our memories. You can still view Nav’s original post here.

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