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The Olìe Story

A born classic through

Curiosity. Craft. Connection.

In 2010 Linda Thompson was in Paris for Cartier, culling compelling editorial stories from their history. Traveling between Paris and New York, her skin and mood were left completely dehydrated, that is until a Parisian pharmacist presented her with a small vial of scented oil. Oil… for the skin, at this time was a rarity in the US skin care market. When Linda found her skin craving the scarce precious oil and the transformative glow it brought to her complexion she set out to create a product suitable for everyone, everyday, everywhere… And so Olìe biologique was born.


Yielding no results, Linda’s search for one fine face oil became a personal mission to create a classic and clean product with a nod to that first and ever-enduring French pharmacy find. Linda envisioned the dawn of face oils as the #modernmoisturizer in the US to eclipse heavy lotions and creams. Tired of over-priced, over-promised potions like Linda? Looking for that one go-to skincare treatment beyond coconut oil or chemically laden creams? Linda and Olìe biologique get you. Say goodbye to phony photo filters and hello to nature’s air brusher! 100% pure and luxurious, each Olìe product contains the most sought after time-tested botanicals proven to nourish and perfect your complexion.


Olìe biologique is a complete brand of bespoke, organic, oil-based and nourishing skin rejuvenators for women and men – and are even safe enough for babies. Olìe oils are finely handcrafted and harmonious in design with devotion to clean, non-competing ingredients. Olìe aims to pull back the curtain on outdated hype of silver-bullet beauty promises. The Olìe range is purposefully pared down based on simplicity, quality, efficacy and treating yourself like you’re beautiful, not a problem to be fixed. With minimal packaging and maximum benefits, our certified organic skincare oils are harvested without taking advantage of the earth. 100% pure and equally luxurious, Olìe biologique products contain the best botanical ingredients proven effective throughout time.


Today Olìe biologique has redefined the way one cares for their skin. Olìe is focused on safe, high performance, luxuriously potent face oils that people love to use as a daily ritual. Luxury does not need to be announced. Skin care products are as common as water – everyone from drug stores to department stores and to the Nantucket landing dock offers you a drop. Yet, there’s no need to trumpet “new” products when Olìe’s oil blends to keep you feeling new now. Olìe inspires a daily ritual with purposeful skincare that is comforting, stylish, and lasting, like your favorite black cashmere sweater or must-have white tshirt.

Olìe biologique. A born classic. 

You don’t have to be older to use Olìe, and you don’t have to be younger to be beautiful. Olìe’s organic oil blends are ideal for everyone, everyday, everywhere.

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