How To Use

Formulated without synthetic ingredients or preservatives, natural and organic facial oils are the fastest way to deliver essential nutrients to the skin. They Are:

  • Lightweight
  • Quickly-absorbed
  • Won’t clog pores or cause congestion
  • For ALL skin types – Including OILY skin

Our lives are complicated; skincare shouldn’t be. Olìe Biologique offers no-fuss products to be used by the whole family in many ways.
For Face: Use 2x/day for minimum 2 months.

  • As a daily natural moisturizer:  Apply 4-5 drops to fingers & gently press onto clean, slightly damp face.
  • For a mini facial massage: Apply over neck + face. Massage upwards & outwards for a few minutes to boost circulation, break down congestion & firm facial muscles.
  • As an addition to foundation: Add 1 drop to a liquid foundation to give a healthy glow to the skin.
  • As a moisturizer booster: Great option if you are new to oils. Add 1 drop every day to your regular moisturizer for a nutrient boost.
  • As an overnight facial treatment: A facial oil at night is a perfect overnight treatment. The right plant oils in the right proportions will leave your skin soft and naturally plumped. Also, the essential oils will help promote a deeper sleep.


 For Hair, Nails and Body:

  • Nails and cuticles love oil! After applying your facial oil—massage any leftover oil into nails and cuticles.
  • Restores shine & helps to mend split ends: Apply a few drops after shampooing or blow-drying.
  • Reduce appearance of stretch marks: Massage on baby belly during and after pregnancy.
  • Gentle for delicate & sensitive skin: 100% USDA Certified Organic Argan oil is safe to use on the most sensitive of skin types, even on babies to protect their delicate skin from dryness.


 *Thank You to Audra James, Facialist and Natural Skincare Expert from Brisbane, Australia.